2nd Floor - Apartment 1: Caitlin Green

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2nd Floor - Apartment 1: Caitlin Green

Post  CaitlinG on Sun Jun 24, 2012 1:03 am

The first room I went to was my bedroom, my brother hired a decorator and when he came I got him to do my room too, so I was very lucky. Although pink is not my favourite it goes so well with green. The desk area is lovely and well lit because it is right next to the window. I couldn't imagine a nicer room and I'm so glad it's mine!

Next I went through to the kitchen. I was wonderful, the worktops were wooded and the drawers and cupboards were glossy white. It even had stools at a breakfast bar, I loved it already!

I came out the kitchen and went to the living area. There were two white couches with red pillows (red is my favourite colour and it goes great with white). I thought the room looked great just like the rest of the apartment did.

The bathroom was where I went next, I walked in and was greeted by the wonderful white glossy room. This added to what I thought was the nicest appartment ever, what I had seen so far made me greatful of what I had.

Last but not least was my office, it was spectacular, the desk was black and had the most comfortable black chair to match it. I started to unpack the rest of my stuff while I sang along to some music.
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