3rd Floor - Apartment 1: Martin Green

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3rd Floor - Apartment 1: Martin Green

Post  MartinG on Sat Jun 23, 2012 11:32 pm

I walked into my bedroom first, I had hired a decorated the day I knew I would be staying here and I'm glad I did.
I sat down on my bed looking out the window to the school gardens. Outside was colourful but so was in here. I liked everything about the room, the bed, the couch, the desk, the veiw and even the small details.
Next I walked into the kitchen, it was shiny and looked really new. It was exciting seeing where I would be living for sometime.

Next I walked to the bathroom, everything was so new and clean but it wouldn't be likt that for much longer.

Because I was staying in a large room I had a bathroom, kitchen and 2 rooms. with the spare room I made an office.
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