Abigail Bell: Teacher

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Abigail Bell: Teacher

Post  CaitlinG on Sat Jun 23, 2012 9:51 pm

Full Name: Abigail Bell
Birthdate: 31st October
Gender: Female
Previous Job(s): None
Address: 5 Bolton Lane
Applying as a: Teacher
Do you have any relatives attending LFA: No
Contact: (email or telephone)

Only Boarding Staff Fill This In
Arrival Date: As soon as possible
(When will you be moving into your on campus condo)
Meals Needed: All
(This will be covered in your boarding fee)
Condo Size Preferred: Large (Small,Meduim,Large)

Only If You Have Applied To Teach Fill This In
Subject: Science

Why should we hire you: My dream has been to teach and hopefully I can show you that I am the right person for this job. I am very organized and will keep lessons up to date, my class tidy and the pupils happy.

Don't fill this out
Staff Name: Abigail Bell
Staff Tuition: £2000
Apartment Number: Maple House- Room 2- 2nd Floor
Comments: You are definetly the right person for this job, please make your own class when you are next online so students can join. Hopefully your dream has come true now.

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